Waves Tracker – The Surf Tracking App

In this blog post, I would like to talk about the testing process of this surfing app and how much thought it went into developing it and making sure that most devices are supported.

Developing an app that is compatible and works on multiple platforms is not an easy feat, hence why the decision to use Strava “outdoor walk” as the tracking mechanism for smartwatches. Strava also integrates with most Fitness Trackers (eg: Garmin, Suunto, Polar, etc).

Developing the algorithms that do the processing and detection of the waves was not an easy task, luckily enough some well-educated minds were put to good use and what we got is something that Waves Tracker is very proud of.

In addition to that, when it came to designing the UI/UX of the mobile app we have searched and came up with something that looks clean, fast and ellegant. Once these phases were completed, it was time to put to test it all, its integration and performance. 

Devices used to test the Waves Tracker App (2020)

It was challenging getting the app to work in an easy way that most users can set up and get it all going with no help. “Good software is like a good joke, needs no explanation”.

Once the app was loaded into a device it was a matter of waiting for waves, to test its reliability and whether or not the app would generate the correct data from a surf session.

A lot was learnt during the initial test phases and Waves Tracker is proud of the current state of the app. There are still things that could be improved and our users are helping us do things better and be better.

Thanks for reading and until next time, cheers!  


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