1. I cannot login with Facebook or Google

This issue is normally due to something wrong with the Wireless or network that you are connected to. Try using a different Wireless hotspot or switch briefly to your 3g/4g/5g network and try to login again, you may also need to restart your phone.

2. I am having problems using the app

We have created in-depth tutorials to help with the app set up and use.

WearOS: 1) Waves Tracker РTutorial  / 2) WearOS РVideo Tutorial
Samsung: 1) Waves Tracker – Tutorial / 2) Samsung – Video Tutorial
Fitness Trackers: 1) Waves Tracker – Tutorial (Fitness Trackers)

3. How do I change Miles and Yards?

On the mobile app this option is available under the Settings tab.

4. Which "Wave Preset" should I use?

Small Use this preset for weak or small waves. It also should be used on waves that offer short rides; attempts to catch a wave might count as a wave.
Medium Use this preset for medium-sized waves that have a bit of push; attempts to catch a wave might still count as a wave.
Large Use one of these presets for medium and large waves that have some push and allow for long rides.

5. Is my watch compatible with WavesTracker?

The complete list of compatible watches is available on the link below.

6. What does Wavestracker do?

WavesTracker uses the GPS of your watch to track your movement while surfing, after that you decide when is the best time to upload your surf sessions. You will be able to see a detailed report of your surf session and keep track of your progression and even participate in the leaderboard (premium users only) in case you wish to do so.

7. How accurate is WavesTracker?

WavesTracker relies on the GPS data collected by your smartwatch/fitness tracker/GPS device. The quality of GPS data depends on many factors such as the quality of the GPS receiver and the position of the GPS satellites. It also depends on the surroundings and even the weather; in other words, WavesTracker tries to do the best it can with the collected data and selected Preset.

8. I have the 'X' watch; is it going to be added to the compatible watches list?

If your watch has been released over two years ago the answer is probably no. We have tested it and the quality of the GPS data collected was simply not good enough. If you own a new watch model, it might be that we did not have a chance to test it yet; we recommend keeping an eye on our compatible watches list.

9. I have a super fast wave 40km/h+, is that even possible?

It is indeed, there are videos from another app showing professional surfers going at 45km/h and it looks like they are not even trying. However, keep in mind that the data displayed is a reflection of the data collected by your watch.

10. Why there is not a list of unsupported / not compatible watches ?

Not all smartwatches/fitness trackers are built with the same intent, and sometimes compromises are made on the GPS receiver; that in turn affects WavesTracker and the app ends up displaying poor results (bad data in / bad data out). However,  giving a watch a bad reputation just because is not compatible with WavesTracker is unfair as the results could be okay for other activities/sports, and hence why no such list.

11. My question is not on the list

That’s okay, simply¬†send an email to us on info@wavestracker.com and we will get back to you ASAP.