WavesTracker - Smart Watch Details

Following below the detailed steps to synchronize, upload and visualise your surf sessions.

1 - Surfing with you Smart Watch

  1. Use the WavesTracker App on your Smart Watch to record your surf session; To get started tap on "Start" on your watch.
  2. We recommend to push "Start" and wait for at least 20secs before going in, so the GPS signal is warm and ready.
  3. Push "Stop" only when you're done surfing and back on shore, no need to mess around with your watch in the water.

2 - Synchronising

  1. Pair your phone with your Smart Watch. Then, open the WavesTrackerApp on both; Mobile phone and Smart Watch.
  2. Tap on "Pair with Smart Watch" on the Upload tab of the WavesTracker App of your mobile phone; a confirmation message will appear on your Smart Watch.
  3. Finally, tap on "Sync Now" on your Smart Watch, to transfer your surf session(s) onto your mobile phone.

3 - Uploading

  1. After Synchronising your surf session, tap on the "Upload button" of the "Upload tab" in "My Surfs".
  2. Your surf session will be sent to our servers and will immediately start processing and then you'll be able to see its details.
  3. To see your surf session details, head to the "History" tab on My Surfs. Also, remember that different "Surf Presets" will produce different results.

Help! I can't install WavesTracker on my Android Watch.

  1. Uninstall the app (WavesTracker) from your Mobile Phone
  2. Restart your Mobile Phone and Android Smart Watch and pair them via Bluetooth.
  3. Make sure that your Mobile and Watch are paired and in sync by using the WearOS App by Google.
  4. Download and Install WavesTracker on your Mobile Phone from the Google Play Store
After you finish the installation a Notification should appear on your SmartWatch.
Tap on it to install the WavesTracker app on your SmartWatch.

Alternatively, to install the app on your SmartWatch:
  1. Open the "Play Store" on your Android Smart Watch.
  2. Scroll down until you see "Apps on your phone".
  3. You should then see WavesTracker, tap on it and install.

Are we missing something? Do you have any questions?

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