Native Watch App – Tutorial

In this blog post, I would like to talk about how to get WavesTracker going on Wear OS. And to do it, some assumptions will be made, on of them is that you have the “Wear OS by Google” app installed and configured on your phone and your watch is paired to your phone via Bluetooth.

To download the mobile app use the Play Store.

To install the app on your Wear OS open the “Play Store” on your watch and look at the “Apps on your phone”; there you will find WavesTracker to download and install.

To configure the app you must open the app on both, your mobile and watch. Then tap on ‘Configure Smartwatch‘ on the ‘Watch‘ tab of the mobile app and follow the steps.

Please also make sure that Location is turned on in your Android Wear.
Settings -> Connectivity -> Location -> Location ( ON )

When you are at the beach about to go surfing do the following:
1) Open the app on your watch and push the start button.
2) Wait for the pop-up to disappear, your watch will vibrate when it is ready, go surfing!
3) Press the side button (home) -> “Settings -> Display -> Touch Lock“.
4) When you have finished surfing, open the app and swipe right the stop button to stop recording on the watch app.

Lastly, you will use the ‘upload’ screen on the watch to upload your surf session by pulling/swiping down the menu and tapping on the cloud to upload, while the WavesTracker app is open on your watch.

Before uploading your surf session make sure you have connectivity between watch and phone and also the internet. Your session is then processed immediately and you will be able to see it in your feed and history on the mobile app, the preview image might take a few minutes to be generated.

If you want to test the app on land try cycling, or going for a short drive in a car around the block.
Thanks for reading and until next time, cheers!  


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