FAQ - Watches

How to use with Apple Watch or Android Wear (Wear OS)

Step 1: Download and use the WavesTrackerApp and install its companion app on your Smart Watch.
Step 2: Push "Start" on your Smart Watch to record your surf session. Sync and upload by using the mobile app.
Step 3: Follow this link for: Detailed Instructions for Smart Watch
* In addition to the above, make sure that your Smart Watch is up to date as it may increase the WavesTracker performance.

How to use with Fitness / Activity Tracker (GPS) watch

Step 1: Record your surf session using the GPS of your watch and sync with its application.
Step 2: Export your recorded activity to GPX or TCX using your watch app and import into WavesTracker.
Step 3: To import your GPX or TCX file use the mobile app or visit on your computer: http://app.wavestracker.com

Which "Surf Preset" should I use?

WavesTracker has 8 (eight) different Surf Presets (Settings) for different types of waves.
By default all users are using Preset_1 which caters for fat slow waves with little ride time.
Change your preset, upload your surf session and see the difference; one will most certainly be close enough.

FAQ - Others

How accurate is WavesTracker?

WavesTracker relies on the GPS data collected by your smart watch / fitness tracker / gps device.
The quality of GPS data depends on many factors such as: the quality of the GPS receiver and the position of the GPS satellites.
It also depends on the surroundings and even the weather; in other words WavesTracker tries to do the best it can with the collected data and selected Preset.

Is the WavesTracker App free?

The mobile app is free to download and you can upload as many surf session you want entirely for free.
However, not all your details are displayed, to get all of your surf session details you must get one of our subscriptions.
Please note that subscriptions are available only through our mobile app, there you will also have access to your history & reports.

How do I change to Miles and Yards?

On the mobile app this option is available under the Settings tab.
Also, this can be changed on our WebApp on the following link: WavesTracker WebApp
You can also find many other options under Settings on the mobile and web app.

Does the App has achievements or badges?

Yes, achievements! However, they are not for sale, and will never be, you gotta earn them!
WavesTracker will use them to keep you motivated to go out and surf and do your best out there.
Please note: if your achievement and badge is not auto-updating / disappears, logout and log back in; that should fix it.

Where do I see my achievements and badges?

Your latest achievement (rank) will be shown on your surf session details.
On the WebApp you can also find after logging in and clicking on Settings (left menu).
On the Mobile App it should appear on the Profile tab and should auto-update when you go up the ranks.

My question is not on the list!

That's okay, simply send an email to us and we will get back to you asap.
Also, we do give away subscriptions as form of sponsorship, get in touch to discuss more about it.
We hope that you enjoy using WavesTracker App; it has been created by a surfer to surfers.

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