WavesTracker - VideoApp (Beta) Details

1 - Download the WavesTracker VideoApp (Beta)

  1. We provide our VideoApp for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.

2 - Download the Video File for your session

  1. Login into WavesTracker Web App
  2. Click on the "Video File" button to download the video file, as shown below.

3 - Use the WavesTracker VideoApp (Beta)

  1. Select the "Video File" (JSON) downloaded from our WebApp
  2. Select the video(s) recorded with your action sports camera.
  3. Push "Process Video" and we will inform you when we are done.
  4. PS: Please note that video processing takes time, be patient.

4 - Waves (Videos)

  1. A "WavesTracker" folder will be created under the default user directory.
  2. Your videos will be named: Wave_1.MP4 / Wave_2.MP4 / Wave_3.MP4 / and so on..
  3. PS: Please look past the app's simple interface as it is fully functional and will be improved.
Further recommendation(s):
1) Please set the date and time on your GoPro / Action Sports camera prior to surfing / recording.
2) Make sure that have your Operational System up-to-date and has enough disk space.
3) Use less programs while processing the video file(s).
4) Feedback is mostly welcome and encouraged.
5) Processing times vary, please be patient.

* Disclaimer: We shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from your reliance on our recommendations.
Beta Version: The application has been tested against a limited data set and works in most cases, however it may become unresponsive, break or not produce the desired outcomes at times.